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I'm Patrick, a "Computer Nerd" who's always Friendzoned. Gwapogi/gwapopogi53 here. Gwapo [Filipino translation of "Handsome"] Pogi [Filipino term for "Handsome/Cute"] An Animator and a noob Graphic Artist who spends his whole day playing PSP games and messing with Photoshop.
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Feb 2

Chaos Realm Reassemble!

It's almost a month since CR returned to it's former glory. The site is now better and improved, with a lot of old members, including me, has returned, CR is sure to have lots of activities in the following months.

"I wonder what Gwap did during his inactivity..." I don't know if someone's wondering, but I'll tell you guys anyway.

I started being inactive when I saw fewer people log-in everyday. A maximum of 7, I guess? Even my pal, Ren, rarely logs-in. I just left without saying a word that I'll be inactive and let the noobs lurk around here. I sometimes take a glimpse and instantly ban all those necroposters for fun. Yes, I've abused my powers there.
I became active for a while in Hive giving feedback to andrea's WoW Map, but became inactive after a few weeks(?) as well.

There's this time when I stopped visiting the site at all and became active in an Anime forum called Kametsu which is led by Koby. I made lots of friends there and downloaded a lot of Anime uploaded by the members. I lived there for a few months and started to become inactive as well.

After leaving Kametsu, I joined a celebrity's official fans club, the JANELLAsters, which is made up off solid Janella Salvador (a Filipina Singer/Actress) fans. Since I'm just a poor boy, I'm unable to join their get-together's so I decided to be inactive in the group and just lurked for updates.

I was browsing my news feed in Facebook once and saw a girl's post. "Wala akong makausap, chat tayo! (I have no one to talk to, let's chat!)" I liked the post and then she suddenly messaged me, calling me "pinsan(cousin)" since we have the same surname, but no, we're not really cousins and we don't know each other before that. We chatted for days and weeks, saying I love you to each other and stuff. It's really weird to flirt with someone with the same surname as you.

After a month, we stopped messaging each other. I became busy with school stuff. I am so stressed. I want to play something but I've already deleted my Warcraft, and I have no other games since my laptop is already filled with development software I use in school. I decided to check andrea's blog and see if there's an update in one of his maps. I was happy to see 2 new maps in there (DotA 2 and LoL Arenas). I decided to check CR and I almost cried on what I saw...you know what happens next.

My longest post ever! Haha! Yeah, it's a boring story, I know.
Posted in Gwapogi Here! on Mon Feb 2, 2015 8:31 pm · 5 comments
Apr 2

Triggers & Shit II

Sup guys, after a Month, here I am posting here again. :xxd:
Anyways... I dropped that TotW Project and started an ORPG, which is doing fine thanks to the help of my fellow Pinoys here in CR... Since 6th doesn't know "everything" about Triggers & Shit, I tried to ask the other Wizardry Professors. I know they're also busy with their own lives... but I'm kinda disappointed with them, they're entitled "Professors" but unable to answer some of my questions even though it's very easy for them to solve. So GV had the wrong idea to promote someone who just shares Spells and Systems. They're more befitted to the Title Paladin than Professors. just wanna say thanks to Xavius and kingnelu, who shared they're knowledge by teaching me a few things.

Anyway, Since I'm not a General Modder like some people here like Toma, 10th, etc. who can do multiple things, I definitely need a lot of help.
Thanks to all~

Posted in Gwapogi Here! on Tue Apr 2, 2013 8:15 am · No comments
Feb 28

A Very Large Icon Pack!

Hey guys! So, Gwap here. Aside from the Shop requests, I'm also working with this Icon Pack... It will be 5-6 sets, I mean 5-6 different Animes. Still looking for some Renders and images to use, it's nearly done actually.
Composed mainly of Mainstream Animes ofc, cause only few people make Underground or "not popular" Anime Maps. I don't know if someone will actually use it... But that's okay cause I'm only doing it cause I find Icon-making a fun thing to do. Thumbs Up guys. :thumbs-up:
Posted Thu Feb 28, 2013 5:36 pm · No comments
Feb 28

Hidan [by hangun & Gwapogi]

I know this one is not very smooth and I know there's a lot of Glitches in the coat. Mention it no more. To hangun, if you want some animations changed or added, feel free to ask. I want some criticisms guys, point out every mistake and bad animation that you will see in this one. I take criticims unlike tarubo.
Posted Image
Posted in Animations on Thu Feb 28, 2013 5:19 pm · No comments
Jan 19

Continuing the Project

Posted Image

Hey guys! Zup? Gwap here. :grin:
Now that Kisuke is busy making some models, and I'm starting to learn some Triggers and shit, I'm thinking about Officially continuing this project. :smile:
I'll ask the aid of 6th for some spells and stuff. :grin: But I'm still unsure if this will be RPG or Arena. If this will be an RPG, anyone can play it as a Single Player which will be fun for some people. If this will be an Arena, It will be needing an AI Enemy or Ally Player which needs a lot of work, cause you don't have someone to play with every time.

But that's it. This will be in Progress as soon as I finished the layout and design of the terrain. :grin:
Posted Sat Jan 19, 2013 8:38 am · No comments
Jan 18

Triggers and Shit

Hey Sup guys! :grin:

I'm trying to learn some Triggers and stuff for my "Project" but it's so annoying and irritating!
F*ck as hell. Those complicated clicks and clicks and shit. :xxd:

I'm top on class when it comes to C++ Programming, but this GUI War3 Shit drives me crazy. em_dizzy
Just wanna say thanks to aradar/baabuu and 6thMessenger that helped me with some stuff. :xxd:
Posted in Gwapogi Here! on Fri Jan 18, 2013 5:23 pm · 1 comment
Jan 17

Tales of The World Map Project

I'll call it Tales of the World, since it's a collaboration of different Tales Series, just like the Tales of the World for the PSP. Will be deciding if it's an Arena or an RPG so it will be like, TotW:ARENA or TotW:RPG :xxd:

Kisuke decided to help me with Models, and Ebo accepted my Request in LPW to make a Lloyd model. I don't know about Marx' Luke, I haven't asked him about it again. :grin: About Kratos/Swordsman model, I hope gage accepts that request. :xxd:

While the others are modelling, I'm trying to learn Triggering Stuffs, cause I can't call it "My Map" if I'm not the one who did the Programming stuff, if I'm gonna let someone do the Triggers, it will be "His and My Map" which is actually not that bad. :grin:

So I hope I find a team for this Project if this will be in Progress. :smile:
Posted in Gwapogi Here! on Thu Jan 17, 2013 5:39 am · No comments
Jan 16

Doing My Job as a Northern!

The heck? I really hate those members that doesn't add Thumbnails and Screenshot when they upload a Model. And then they'll keep saying "I don't know how" even though the link for the instructions is already provided. So there, I added some Screenshots and Thumbnails on some One Piece Models posted by Spiridon.
I also hope that if I keep doing this, I'll be promoted. :xxd:
Posted in Gwapogi Here! on Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:40 am · No comments
Jan 15

Tales Series Project for Warcraft III ?

Hey guys! Gwapogi here. :grin:
Recently, I was thinking about having my second War3 Project and I guess it will be a Tales Series Map.
(my first one is a Naruto Project which I abandoned after I learned Animating)
I already started requesting for models,(I requested one in LPW, and I asked ChelyzMarx to finish his Luke model) the problem is, I don't know how to handle the Trigger, terrain, map size, and stuff to Complete my Project, and I'm still unsure if someone will be interested to support me with this one. I don't even think that an Animator like me would make a Good Map. In terms of Presentation and Details, I can guarantee that it would be good, but how about the Map itself? I don't think so. :xxd: I will do this map for Experience or a Chance, a chance to create a War3 Map before War3 Modding dies. It's been 2 Years since I entered War3 Modding and still didn't made a Map, even a Small one, like a Tower Defense or a Mini Game. So this time, I really hope that this Project on my mind will be made.
Posted in Gwapogi Here! on Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:25 pm · No comments
Jan 15




Little JiraiyaSquall [Chibi]
ChojuroSephiroth [Chibi]
AkatsuchiChocobo [Chibi]
TemariAuron [Chibi]
DaruiGray Fullbuster
Aburame ToruneKohta Hirano
Posted in Animations on Tue Jan 15, 2013 5:02 am · No comments
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