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Here are just some stuff that I do in CR...
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May 19

May 2017

I do visit CR from time to time but I didn't realized I was inactive for two years lol... Got really busy with work etc, and... just life in general...
I just tracked back that I got demoted from a Blue General to retired member in 2015 but got promoted back up one rank in 2016 which is respected member, Paladin. Haha.
I must apologize for leaving without notice. Such an unprofessional and irresponsible thing to do as a bluegen, and I deserve for the demotion. Sorry guys.
I even have incomplete request which is in progress, ah man, really sorry @redstormer. but I think it's almost done. I can probably finish it while I have the time to do so.

Oh, and my map project, NSSB, is still on going hahaha. Even though the only programmer, lokenlou left CR huhu, I have to continue doing the project by myself.
But, ever since I discover a few epic systems in hiveworkshop, the project has been so much easier to develop. because from the systems, I can create spells much easily.
I'll probably post the latest update on the page sometimes later when I've fix some bugs... but still don't expect too much haha. It's nothing close to what I dream of it would be...

I also read the news about war3 latest patch or remastered? That we can now play multiplayer map with 128mb filesize. Awesome news. Not sure how to update though haha.
Hopefully we can see more map hosted here in CR.

Hmm... Nowadays, there are few active members online. But there were so many activities back then. It was chaotic but a lot of fun. And there are lots of active members, lots of new post created, lots of trolling and shit, but it was all cool and fun... And ofc all the active members have ranks lol, but for me, it's memorable because everybody is playing their part. Some don't, and gets demotion ofc hehe...
And for me, the best time is probably 2012... Check this out: July 2012
I think I'm most active during that time as well, when I was a Northen Colonel where I completed few requests, join contests and stuff.
And then, I left CR again in 2013 haha. Then I was back again in 2015 lol. Yet, I still comeback again hehe.
I think 2015 is a decent year... everybody is back... but they are gone again. Just like me lol...
So, this time round, I'll be participating in animation contest if it does get hosted. Hopefully I still got the skills to animate.

Imho, CR has definitely changed a lot. But thankfully there are still some members who are active in contributing and maintaining the site. Great job guys.

For those who are inactive, I understand what you guys are going through. Hopefully we can get connected again some other way and keep in touch.
Posted in 2017 on Fri May 19, 2017 6:23 am · No comments
May 2

May 2015


- it's may already? man... i hope this month will be a good/great/awesome month, either one is fine, amen :D
- i'm continuing my map project NSSB. and great news is Lokenlou's pc is back in action, so we're gonna continue with naruto shit and shat :D i just wish more people will join~
Posted in 2015 on Sat May 2, 2015 6:02 am · No comments
Apr 7

Apr 2015

I'm just gonna use this as my journal to keep my status then.

- last week I was busy with work, and so yesterday I was just resting, I got no mood to do anything, no company too 'cause friends are busy and tired too. blablabla, so today I'm gonna continue my map project, I realize somebody has bump my map project thread haha, thanks for reminding. I'm gonna finish Naruto animation and then continue with his spellpack.
- and then after that I'm gonna continue to do the request, now gonna do Izayoi's face, which is a redo, oh well, I'll just think of the previous face I did was for practice, I like the eye that I did ^^ but the 'original' face is much simpler so I think I can do it faster. body and hair is done, but there are a lot of accessories because she has an alternative version, shouldn't take much time I think... hopefully I can finish it up today :) cause I'm breaking up with her, she has 'changed' haha.

- woot, it's 22 already and I haven't finish izayoi wtf~ anyway, i've been so busy+hectic this month. man, can i quit my job? haha. I've been doing some progress with NSSB together with Lokenlou. and his pc broke down so I'm just gonna continue to do naruto's spells demo/idea. he has been helping me to fix, refine, build, convert all the spells to jass. i know jazz but i don't know jass haha, i might be able to learn it if i put my focus on it but i'll just outsource on that one. but since his pc broke down, he's not gonna be able to help me for the time being T.T
- progress of NSSB so far: Lokenlou is doing the kagebunshin system, it's almost done i guess, only need to make it where all player can have the spell. naruto early stage gameplay revolves around kagebunshin so i made the spell to be interactive. it's quite fun if you have infinite chakra and with collision off it's quite imba :D
- i've also did rasengan, and now i'm doing his oodoma rasengan. i have to learn how to make a dummy projectile so that i can do rasenshuriken. i think i'll make the awakening after sasuke is done. wow still a long way to go...
- today, im gonna continue with izayoi >.< fuuuuuuu

[ Contest ]
Official Animation Contest #7 - Voting - Result
- my entry: Anise
Judge Review

~what i think
Posted in 2015 on Tue Apr 7, 2015 5:39 am · No comments
Mar 4

Request (2015)

:finger-point: Request anything... I will do them in this prioritize order:
1) animate model
2) reanimate model
3) rig/bone model
4) fixing/geomerging model
5) convert model
6) reduce model file size
7) fixing texture/uvmap
8) texture merging
9) icon/loading screen
10) model sfx

11) 3D modeling

Just PM (link) me with your request details and don't forget to plus my reputation (+rep) cause I'm doing it for free, thank you nyan!

Also, you can check my WIP by following this link: marx WIP

Status includes:
Pending(still considering), cancelled,
Modeling: [ not started -> modeling -> texture(uv, basic color, shades) -> completed ],
Animation: rigging, animating

SubjectRequested byDateStatusNotes/Comment
Izayoi - Blueblaz [model]redstormer5/3/15modelingrequest link
Maou Sadao [model]GoldenEgg5/3/15Completedrequest link - model
Aizen - Bleach[model]GoldenEgg5/3/15Pendingrequest link
FMA [model]Gwapogi5/3/15Cancelledvia PM
Ryougi [animate]Tailer075/3/15Riggingvia Skype
GreenHeart,WhiteHeart(Neptune) [Add geoset+anim]]Deva7/3/15Completedvia PM
Maou Demon Form [model]GoldenEgg17/3/15Not Startedrequest link
Asuna - ALO [model]Deva20/3/15Not Startedrequest link
Posted in Request on Wed Mar 4, 2015 2:50 am · No comments
Feb 12

Happy 2015!!

I was visiting for the first time after I left like 2 years ago, and was surprised to see that GV is back? and so is ES, back active and is kicking asses :thumbs-up:

I miss yall and war3. My family, friends and I rarely play war3 now. We're becoming more anti-social with our own phone and gadget instead em_nervous

Maybe I can join some animating stuff just for fun :grin:
Posted in 2015 on Thu Feb 12, 2015 7:47 pm · 5 comments
Mar 7


I've made keyboard shortcut for these radio button Posted Image. And I think I wanna change/add other key as well for my convenience / preferences. Anyone interested? QQ_perv
version 1.0 released:

in [...] is the hotkey

xy = [1]
zy = [2]
yz = [3]
works the same for both vertex editor and sequence editor

[F3] = sequence editor - anims
[F4] = Bones
[F5] = Movement

[numpad1] = front view
[ctrl + numpad1] = back view
[numpad2] = up view
[ctrl + numpad2] = down view
[numpad3] = left view
[ctrl + numpad3] = right view
[numpad0] = reset view

you can still use the "perspective button" at the upper left corner to change the view, or use [enter] or [space]...
no need to install, just extract and run it and it will run on the tray icon.

Posted in 2013 on Thu Mar 7, 2013 6:43 pm · 5 comments
Feb 5

Vasto Lorde Ichigo [Bleach]

Posted Image
Model edited from here. It now have less polycount with 1933 tris.

Download: Link - one blp texture 49kb; mdx with bones 73kb.
Download: Link - two separate texture 68kb & 81kb; mdx without bones 66kb.
Download: PNG textures

NOTE: Do not Redistribute as if it were yours. Credit the author and the website.
You don't have the Authority to Redistribute this for money.

Posted in Gallery on Tue Feb 5, 2013 5:16 pm · No comments
Feb 5

Superboy [Young Justice]

Posted Image
Fan Art - Superboy from Young Justice requested by juanjo

Posted Image
Poly count: 572 triangles

mdx filesize: 22KB
textures total filesize: 77KB
no bones and no animations

Download: OBJ | MDX

NOTE: Do not Redistribute as if it were yours. Credit the author and the website.
You don't have the Authority to Redistribute this for money.
Posted in Gallery on Tue Feb 5, 2013 5:09 pm · No comments
Feb 2

Kirito [Sword Art Online]

Posted Image
A low poly 3D model fan art of Kirito (Sword Art Online)

Download: OBJ | MDX

• the obj file is 64kb, texture in png format, 512x512, 316kb.
• while the mdx file is 48kb with texture in blp format, 512x512, 100% quality, 531kb.
• no bones, no animations.

NOTE: Do not Redistribute as if it were yours. Credit the author and the website.
You don't have the Authority to Redistribute this for money.

Posted in Gallery on Sat Feb 2, 2013 9:46 pm · 10 comments
Jan 26


Happy New Year 2013 cheers-beer

Kirito [Sword Art Online] @LPW
Posted in 2013 on Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:42 pm · No comments
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