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Heres my Trigger I managed to add the spellbook now but the Passive abilities dont work and dont show up.
But when I add them to standart spells of the character they work

Unit A unit gains a level

(level of (triggering unit)) equal to 20
((Triggering unit) is a Hero) equal to true
(Unit-type of (Triggering unit)) equal to Sasuke

Unit - add sharingan book to (triggering unit)

As i said the book appear when the character reaches 20 but no stats or other passives get activated
Nvm everything works fine now

I made a trigger and it dont work as it should so pls check it for me and tell me whats wrong.

The trigger is a spell trigger (tsukuyomi spell) (target spell)

it pauses the caster and the target and creates a red room where the target is and a itachi clone infront of the target. after a few sec amaterasu appears on the target and it gets damaged x.... .

This time i made a trigger with the variables and one where the amaterasu appears and the unit gets damaged. in the end there are also the dummy removals

The problem is that the spell dont end and both units are paused the whole time even when the target unit died already
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