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Realm of Kings v0.3; Alternative Three Team AoS
Topic Started: Oct 22 2017, 04:35 AM (947 Views)
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Map Info:
Genre: Alternative Three Team AoS (3v3v3)
Player Numbers: 3-9 Players
Authors: StangtennisGuru (me) and Ballonskipper

Greetings Chaosrealm! Two long time warcraft fans here.
We made this alternative AoS with two main goals in mind:
1) It should be fun to play 2) It should be extreme!
If you want a more fulfilling introduction, our loading screen says it best:

Loading Screen:

Download Link:


  • 2 different modes of play: Standard for a faster classic AoS feel or Full Mode with much more map to explore and more powerful creeps and bosses to fight
  • 14 heroes to play as (Well technically 15). Some are characters you know well like Batman, Darth Vader, Naruto and a good ol' fashioned T-Rex! Others are original ones we made up ourselves
  • More than 70 items, many of which have very unique effects. The further you get in the game the more advanced the items become
  • Duels which can be turned on or off and come in several variations: 1v1, 1v1v1, Team Battle or even Free For All

Planned Features:

Hero Line-up:

Darth Vader - One of the most legendary villains of all time, and yes he will most definitely choke you if you provoke him.
Kenpachi - If you've seen Bleach you know this guy is pretty extreme. All I'll say is that we've tried to stay true to that.
T-Rex - It's a freaking T-Rex, what more convincing do you need? It eats minions, roars ferociously and charges headfirst into battle.

Chuck Norris - Need I say more?
Naruto Uzumaki - The Number One Hyperactive Knucklehead Ninja. If you like making massive amounts of clones of yourself, summoning big frogs or throwing blue orbs at people, this is your guy.
Rock Lee - A hero with only Strength and Agillity, thus no Intelligence and no mana. He makes up for that though by punching really hard and really fast.
Roronoa Zoro - Hands down the greatest swordman in our map, or at least the only one who can use three at once. His offensive capabillites are definitely something to fear.
Zeus - Lightning fast and also powerful. He used lightning in a variety of ways: to throw at his enemies, to fasten his allies or even to ride into battle on them.

Batman - The legendary caped crusader of course had to get in on this battle. With his wide variety of weapons, for example his Batarang or Batmobile, he is a very dangerous foe to face.
Carsten the Cultist - Evil. Just puuuure evil. He uses the dark art in many different ways both to annialate his enemies, sacrifice his own minions for power or call upon the dead to fight for his cause.
Niels the Zoo Keeper - A zoo keeper who calls upon the power of his loyal animals in battle.

Gheed the Gambler - An old troll who can't seem to get over his gambling addiction. Bascily a completly RNG-based hero. Feeling lucky?
Monique the Nightshadow - A feared assassin, with the power to combine her abilities in different ways, potentially increasing their power immensely.
Pedro the Commander - A hero that takes control of friendly minions and commands them in battle, thus unlocking their true potential.

The Stranger - The Stranger is a unique hero who doesn't spawn until all other heroes have been chosen. He then gets a random combination of abilites from the heroes that were not chosen this game. To make of for this huge gamble, he has slighty better stats than all other heroes.



Author's Notes:
We've been working on this map for a pretty long period of time now and tested it out several times with friends, each time finding bugs to fix and things to improve. The reason we're putting the map up here now is that we feel it's reached a solid state of being playable, winable and from our experience playing it with friends quite a lot of fun :D So even though the map isn't quite finished we're putting it up hoping that you'll try it out and maybe leave some feedback here of any kind: Things you like, things you dislike, bug reports (Plz be detailed if you give one of those. Would be helpful), things you find imbalanced (Cause we admit the balance still has a ways to go :P), or anything else really.
We hope you'll try it and hope you'll enjoy it :-)
Edited by Darkmark, Jan 7 2018, 03:51 PM.
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Just released a new patch for the map: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/277475/ (Also updated the link in the original post)

Patch v0.31:

- Two new heroes: The Berserker (High-damage dealing Strength hero that uses health rather than mana to fuel his abillites) and Gandalf (Everybody's favorite wizard! Obviously an Intelligence hero with powerful spells)
- Added a new shop! The Vodoo Lounge sells potions and as the game progresses the potions it sells will increase in power and cost
- An Owl Courier can now be bought in your Personal Stash. It functions like an extra, mobile stash that you can take with you.
- Reduced the DPS of bases and inner towers in Standard
- Divine Ascension now scales faster
- Rebalanced minion tiers. Later minions tiers are now less powerful
- Fixed a few bugs
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Minor patch fixing some bugs and making a few changes: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/278565/

Patch v0.32

- Branch of Order/Chaos reworked to fix a major bug
- Fixed a bug regarding Return of the Gandalf and it now only revives you with 50 % health
- Rebalanced towers and bases in Standard
- Choosing "Random Hero" in All Pick mode now rewards you a Minor Potion of Healing
- Other minor changes

A bigger patch adding a bunch of new stuff for Full Mode is in the works
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