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Which Emoticons should we keep?
QQ Emojis QQ_confused 5 (17.9%)
Orc Emojis :confused: 7 (25%)
Monkey Emojis em_whatthe 9 (32.1%)
Meme Emojis :bplease: 7 (25%)
Total Votes: 28
Forum Emoticons
Topic Started: Thu Jul 19, 2018 3:56 pm (491 Views)
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So I'm sure everyone is aware of the different Emoji options on the board. They don't get used all that often, so I wanted to reduce the amount we have. We currently have 4 types, plus some random ones that don't fit with the 4 groups. I just want to lose 1 of the 4 for now, so the 3 with the most votes stick around. Please make your vote and if you want leave a post about them.
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I totally checked the monkey and orc emoji's but I accidentally pressed vote for none! :sad: Now I'm sad....

But yes! Keep Monkeys! em_chickflirty and Orcs! :thumbs-up:

I'm a Christian
If u need prayer for anything,
Just lemme know, k. I'd love to show you that Jesus loves you.

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