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Halo/Mass Effect crossover I discontinued.
Topic Started: Dec 26 2011, 03:52 PM (3,611 Views)
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I started reading fanfictions because they are much cheaper than buying books (they are free) and some of the writers are really talented. I started this fanfiction because there was, and still are, no good Halo/Mass Effect fanfictions. Anyone who actually has a grasp of writing and/or the English language please critique.

John looked around as he came back to consciousness not quite sure what had occurred.

“Thank god, I thought I had lost you too” A disembodied female voiced her concern.

“Yeah. What happened Cortana?” John looked several yards ahead of himself and saw the vast emptiness of space. It wasn't through a port window either like the norm inside of a spaceship would be.

“Not sure. When Halo fired it shook itself to pieces, it did quite a number on The Ark. The portal couldn't sustain itself and we made it through just in time, well some of us made it.” John peered out the hole and saw debris left over from Halo and The Ark. The ship had been literally cut in half, the portal having closed as the ship was passing through. Turning around he left and made his way to the cryo lab of the ship, hoping it was on the half of the ship he occupied.

“It's all over, the Prophets, the Covenant, the Flood” Cortana spoke as he pulled the small computer chip that contained the A.I. from his suits helmet.

“It's finished” John replied as he plugged her chip into the interface terminal the cryo room held beside the cryo tubes. “There's enough power on the ship to sustain a cryo pod right?” John queried to Cortana as he examined them.

“Of course. I dropped a beacon but it could be awhile before anyone finds us though” a small, blue tinted hologram of an attractive woman appeared on the terminal as Cortana spoke “years even.”

John didn't reply as he climbed into the cryo tube and laid back in it. He ran a quick diagnostic on his suit and it's systems before setting it to power down. The MJOLNIR armor suit quickly ran the diagnostic, showing all green, and began to power down. As it was finishing John said a quick goodbye to Cortana as he prepared for a long nap. “Wake me when you need me.”

“See you” Cortana replied as the cover of the tube closed and John was quickly frozen into a state of cryostasis. The small holographic Cortana rubbed her arm nervously as she powered down everything except the power to her terminal and John's cryo tube. “Sleep well.”

Minutes after John was frozen and Cortana put herself into as close to a sleep like state an A.I. Can achieve dozens of enormous ships flew past. The ships were much larger than even the UNSC Super Carriers and looked slightly like mechanical hands. Luckily for the SPARTAN and UNSC A.I. They went unnoticed by the ships. Who would notice the tiny half a ship when it was 93% powered down and were on a mission?


Karen leaned back in her seat and sighed as she rubbed her temples in frustration. Reporting her findings in to the council wasn't really so bad, but that damned Turian was such a smart ass. Every single thing she does, no matter how good or amazing, he finds some way to twist it around into something bad. 'Damned bastard' she thought silently. Glad to have a few moments of silence she prepared to relax, but as luck would have it she wouldn't get the chance.

“Commander you might want to come up here” a male voice said over the ships communications system. Sighing once again Karen willed herself out of her seat and walked out of the communications room. Not wanting to talk to anyone she avoided eye contact with everyone as she passed the navigation controls and made her way to the front of the ship where flight controls were located.

“What it is Joker?” She asked as she walked up to the man sitting at flight controls by himself.

“Well there's a ship out nearby, half a ship anyways.” Joker didn't make eye contact as he talked and continued to push buttons and read the monitors in front of him.

“What's so damned impressive about that?” Karen asked not trying to hide the anger apparent in her voice at all.

“Oh, nothing. Although it has thousands of years of decay apparent about it and” Joker said turning to face Karen while putting emphasis on the word and “it has power. Not much power, but it's there. Its designs don't match that of any recorded ship by any species either.”

“Now that is a little interesting” Karen said as she thoughtfully tapped her chin. “Any life on board?”

“Scanners aren't showing any life, and there isn't any form of artificial atmosphere either. That's thanks to the fact that the ship looks like it was cut in half” Joker said as he motioned to a screen that showed the cut up end of the ship they were discussing.

“Think you're good enough to dock the Normandy to the gutted end of that thing?”

“Do you piss sitting down?” Joker replied sarcastically, earning a very hard smack to the back of his head.


The Normandy's airlock door lifted giving the three access to the mysterious ship. Karen took a careful step out of the airlock and onto the ship. Behind her she could hear the Normandy announce her leaving.

“Commander Shepard is on leave, XO Pressly has the deck.”

Karen smiled to herself as she heard it 'I never get tired of hearing that.'

“Alright now lets see.” Karen studied her portable mapping device. She had the layout of the ship scanned, downloaded it and mapped the way to where the power was being used.

“So are we exploring first Commander, or heading straight there?” the male to her left asked.

“Joker said there's nothing alive on board, lets just get there and back.” the female to her right voiced her own thoughts.

“Kaiden. Williams. Both of you shut up.” Karen wanted to rub her temples to ward off the oncoming migraine and cursed her helmet.

“Yes ma'am” they replied simultaneously.

Sighing yet again Karen ignored them and began walking down the corridor they had entered. She only walked a few feet before stopping at a door and examining the panel beside it on the wall. Tapping it twice and getting no reaction she quickly became frustrated and slammed her fist down on it to no avail. “Guess there really isn't any power outside of the one room shown.”

“Commander you might want to turn around.” Karen turned and saw Williams pointing at the wall opposite the door she had tried to open.

“You've got to be shitting me” Karen said jaw dropped. On the wall were two arrows, one pointing left and the other right. The arrow pointing left was above with something written above it and the other arrow was below it with writing underneath it. What surprised, and possibly scared her, though was that the words were written in the English language.

“Something wrong over there Commander?” she heard Joker ask from the ships communication system.

“How old did you say this ship was Joker?”

“Hold on a second, the thorough scans are finishing up now.” The comm went quiet and the three were forced to wait eighteen agonizingly long seconds before Joker's voice was heard again. “Well if these scans are right, and trust me the Normandy's scans are always right, this ship is several hundred thousand years old.”

“Would you believe me if I told you there are words written in English on the walls?” Her question was met with silence before Joker finally responded, curiosity obvious in his tone.

“What do you think that would mean?”

“Not sure” Karen replied thoughtfully “think it could be Prothean?”

“Maybe you should find out what's using power on the ship before we discuss it anymore and get our hopes up.”

“Yeah, yeah I get it.” Karen took one last look at the writing, specifically the arrow pointing to the right. That was in the same direction of the power drain and the word gave her an even smaller amount of hope. One small word 'Cryogenics.'


“Are you sure it's coming from this room?” Kaiden asked Karen as they attempted to pry open the door the mapping device had led them to.

“Yes I'm sure, now stow it Lieutenant. Damn it all, get me a fucking grenade” Karen grunted in anger and took a step back from the door while reaching to the small pouch of grenades on her waist.

“This looks pretty sturdy Commander” Williams voiced as she watched Karen skeptically “you really think that will do much?”

“This ship is old and decrepit according to the Normandy” Karen finished attaching the grenade to the door and walked several yards away “so I see no reason to believe this won't work.” She pressed her detonator and a noiseless explosion shook the hallway they stood in. The three of them turned to see the door still standing, albeit curved inward where the grenade had been attached. “There you see” Karen smiled triumphantly “much easier.”

Kaiden and Williams pushed the now much weaker door inward all the way into the room. The doorway now cleared they entered the room and were welcomed by two softly glowing lights. The first was a soft blue hue emanating from a small console that came up from the floor. The other was a bright red hue emanating from a series of tubes against the wall. The red light was flashing, while the blue light was steady and provided a low light environment for the room.

“Williams go take a look at the blinking light, Kaiden you're with me for the blue light.”

Williams walked over toward the tubes while Karen and Kaiden began inspecting the light emanating console. Carefully studying each of the four sides of the console neither of the two found a single button.

“Think it's like our computers commander? You know interactive holograms?” Kaiden asked as he stood up front looking over one side of it.

“It's possible, especially if it turns out to be Prothean” Karen responded as she stood as well and looked at the top of the console. It was a series of inward circles that became smaller as they neared the center of the console where a blue lens sat emanating the blue light. She moved a finger toward it and just like Kaiden guessed she met resistance. A holographic keyboard materialized and floated two inches above the console. It was quite obviously old and in need of maintenance as it faded in and out and was entirely unreadable.

“Good thinking, too bad it didn't help us any.”

“No, but this might” Kaiden grunted as he pulled at something on the console. Whatever it was he had been pulling at finally decided to come loose and he promptly fell on his rear end.

“What do you have there?” Karen raised an eyebrow as she eyed the small item in his hands.

“Looks like a small computer chip” Kaiden replied as he examined the chip in his hand. “Pretty large too, about the size of a 20th Century computer processor. Wanna take it?”

“Of course, maybe it has some worthwhile information on it, especially if it does turn out to be of Prothean origins.” Karen held out her hand for the chip and Kaiden handed over. She deposited it in a small storage box at her waist. Once it was safely stored she turned toward the calling of Williams.

“Lieutenant, Commander you want to come see this, trust me.”

“What is it Gunnery Chief?” Karen asked as the two officers approached the tubes along the wall where Williams was calling to them from.

“Look in there.” Williams was pointing at a single tube, the only one not opened, as she spoke. The three of them took a good hard look inside the closed tube and Kaiden summarized their thoughts best.

“What the hell is that?!” Looking through the slightly frosted cover of the tube you could see what was inside. This particular tube held a large, green figure. The figure was obscured through the thick, frosted glass, but it looked like a green demon with a glowing yellow eye. Their investigation was cut short as Williams pointed to the origin of the blinking, red light.

“There could be a small problem though.” They looked at the control panel attached to the side of the tube. The control was repeatedly flashing two large, bold, red words. Power Low. Karen tapped the panel without a second thought and looked at the display. Glancing over the various options she touched the one that caught her eye, vitals.

“You're right, small problem.” Karen said as she moved to the side and allowed the other two to look at the panel. The thing in the tube was still alive, at least according to the vital monitors built into the tube. Karen tapped a button to go back to the previous menu and touched another button. “It's using power from a battery reserve built into the tube, not the ships power.”

“Think we can take it with us?” Kaiden asked, a small amount of hope now apparent in his tone.

“Joker you hear me?”

“Loud and clear Commander.”

“Get two marines to bring a lift, and hurry. We have a find here and it's running out time.” There was no response for several moments before Joker's voice was once again heard, him sounding a bit winded like he just yelled at somebody.

“Their in the airlock now Commander, on route to you.”


“This could be an enormous find Commander, good job.” An older, well dressed man with graying hair spoke to Karen.

“Thank you Ambassador Udina, but it's mostly thanks to Joker.”

“Yes, well either way this is monumental.” An older, but not quite as old as the other man, black male in the dress blue of an officers uniform spoke.

“The captains right” the ambassador interrupted the captain. “I had to fight the council to get it to stay in our hands, but it will definitely be worth it. Even if it doesn't turn out to be of Prothean origins. This is the oldest living creature in Citadel Space, assuming it's alive.”

“How did you convince the council to let us keep it anyhow ambassador?” The black male asked with a hint of suspicion.

“That isn't important, but they will be coming by shortly to take a firsthand look. By the way Commander Shepard, didn't you mention something about an old computer chip?” The ambassador turned to confront Karen.

“Yes sir, I dropped it off with the guys in computer engineering on my way up here.”


“Finally!” A young, blond man sat staring at a computer monitor through his glasses.

“What's up Andrew?” Another, slightly older man sat at a nearby computer.

“Took me almost four hours but I got this chip all cleaned up.”

“Really?” The older man stood and walked over, his interest being piqued.

“Yeah. There was a lot of corruption and garbled coding, but I managed to fix most of it. I still had to dump a fair amount of data, but whatever was originally on it should still be there.”

“Hey plug it in and lets see what's on it” the older man almost jumped with excitement as the younger man popped the chip into a slot in a small terminal box beside the computer he was working at.

“Hmmm” the young man made a thoughtful noise and tapped a few buttons on the box. “There we go.” Almost immediately after he uttered those words the boxes small hologram projector turned on. “I didn't turn that on” the young man said curiously.

“Neither did I” the older man said as they looked at each other

“I would be the one who turned it on.” Both men turned and saw a small holographic woman looking at them.

Seeing the small, blue woman caused both men to jump in surprise. After several seconds they both blinked and pointed at her before whispering “An A.I.!”

“Please, call me Cortana boys” The woman smiled as she crossed her arms and stared at them. “Now what have you done with my chief?”


“Lets hope those nerds can come up with something” the captain said as he rubbed his tired eyes.

“Yeah, even if it's just in case things don't go according to plan with this thing.”Ambassador Udina pointed toward the tube as he finished talking. As if they all felt their vision pulled toward the tube because of his pointing they looked. Once they looked they saw the cover of the tube was lifting as it opened.

“Guys I don't know what I just did, but I swear it was an accident!” Chief Williams stood with a shocked look her face as she pleaded with them.

“What the hell did you do marine?” the captain yelled at her.

“I'm sure it was an accident Captain Anderson, right Williams?” Karen tried to play peace keeper, if only for her sake.

“Shepard your report said you used that control panel briefly correct?”

“Yes sir.”

“See if you can find out what's going on over there.”

Karen ran the few steps to the tube's control panel and touched a couple of buttons. “The recovery process was initiated. Whatever is in there, we are about to meet it sir.”

“Alert the council about this now!” Ambassador Udina shouted to someone in the background. Everyone in the room turned and watched as the now opened tube flashed a green light twice then made several noises.

Karen glanced back at the control panel then faced Anderson and Udina again. “It's waking up.”


Darkness. Darkness and numbness. Those were the only thoughts in John's mind as he floated in that semi-conscious state. It was almost like that feeling you get when you were starting to become aware of your surroundings, but at the same time you are still dreaming. A beeping noise. His hearing came back. Then the memories came flooding back to him. Halo, the Covenant, the Flood. The Gravemind flashed through his thoughts, then the death of Sergeant Avery Johnson. They blew the installation up, took the Forward Unto Dawn, and escaped through a portal. Him, Cortana, and the Arbiter. Only the Arbiter made it through the portal with the front half of the ship. 'That's right. Cortana put me to sleep, I told her. Do they need me? I thought it was finally over'

“It's waking up.” John heard a woman say. It was answered by a man, one who didn't sound happy.

“Get a medical team in here dammit!”

John opened his eyes and thought something was wrong. 'I turned it off, almost forgot.' John turned the power for his MJOLNIR suit back on. After a second or two he was met with a systems diagnostics across his heads up display. It ran, finishing just as quickly as ever, and showed him the all green before clearing away and allowing him to see. Ignoring the stiffness in his arms, legs, and neck he looked down at his armored body. Seeing everything as it should be he grabbed each side of the tube with an arm.

“Sir, it's moving.”

“No shit. It's getting up.”

John used the sides of the tube to help pull himself out and to his feet. Once out of the confined little cryogenics tube John stood straight and allowed his aching muscles to be stretched by a small amount as he reached his full height of seven feet. John took a few moments to look around the room where he saw two men and two women standing directly in front of him.

“Good god almighty” the older, well dressed white male said in awe.

“I certainly hope he is on our side” came from the mouth of one of the two women.

“Well you're the militant one here Anderson, you talk to it Captain” the first man said to the other black male. Said black male took three steps toward john and looked up at him. John immediately recognized the insignia for the rank of Captain on the mans dress blue uniform as the man asked him a question.

“Who are you?” Captain Anderson asked hoping the creature spoke English like they all assumed from the ship.

John snapped to attention like his military background called for and saluted. “Master Chief Petty Officer, SPARTAN 117, sir.”

“Master Chief?” Anderson asked confused.

“Yes sir.” Everyone in the room looked at one another at his response.

“I don't recognize the Alliance name sir, what happened to the United Nations Space Command?”

“United Nations Space Command? I've never heard of the UN having any sort of space command.” Ambassador Udina shared a confused look with Captain Anderson. Before anyone could do or say anything else the door to the room opened and three figures walked in. John didn't know who, or what, they were but his brain screamed one word as he saw the aliens 'Covenant!' Faster than anyone could move, or for that fact follow, John grabbed the pistol from Karen's waist and pointed it toward the new aliens.

“Protect the council!” one of the C-Sec officers who was escorting the councilors yelled and they all took up a defensive position, leveling their rifles and aiming at the large, green, seven foot giant before them.

“Oh for the love of god!” Karen yelled annoyed at the scene breaking out before her. “Give me that fucking gun!” She screamed as she snatched the pistol out of John's grasp.

Never having had someone even attempt to take anything out of his hands John was genuinely caught off guard by Karen's actions.

“Calm down Master Chief” Captain Anderson said holding up his hands in an attempt to calm John down. “Lets talk and I'll explain what's going on here.”
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Pretty entertaining read, although some of the descriptions don't fit (for example, a disembodied female really wouldn't be talking, at least like that xD)
Small grammar errors too but I don't think you care, since this is discontinued XD.

Anyways nice job, I was entertained.
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Dec 26 2011, 06:57 PM
Pretty entertaining read, although some of the descriptions don't fit (for example, a disembodied female really wouldn't be talking, at least like that xD)
Disembodied voice = a voice with no body. Seeing as how Cortana speaks through the speakers of the ship she and her hologram was off at the time of speaking, yes it was a disembodied voice. Even though I discontinued it, because Mass Effect 2 angered me and I didn't want to continue it, it was fun to write and I have several chapters written. I'm waiting to see if ME3 renews my faith.
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Dec 27 2011, 04:27 AM
Dec 26 2011, 06:57 PM
Pretty entertaining read, although some of the descriptions don't fit (for example, a disembodied female really wouldn't be talking, at least like that xD)
Disembodied voice = a voice with no body. Seeing as how Cortana speaks through the speakers of the ship she and her hologram was off at the time of speaking, yes it was a disembodied voice. Even though I discontinued it, because Mass Effect 2 angered me and I didn't want to continue it, it was fun to write and I have several chapters written. I'm waiting to see if ME3 renews my faith.
Woops, I mixed my definitions up. XD
I heard ME3 should be good
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