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Fate Eterna Resonance
Topic Started: Jul 15 2012, 11:33 PM (931 Views)
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Hmm, well first chapter's done. It's a bit longer than I'd planned. Ah well. A fleshed out story is always a good thing.

please let me know what you think? And if you like it spread the word. A solid fanbase for this by the time the animation comes out would be awesome!

Fate: Eterna Resonance
Disclaimer: This is a nonprofit work of fanfiction and is not for sale or rent.
I do not own Type Moon or any franchise’s included therein including but not limited to; the Fate series, Tsukihime or any other portion of the Nasuverse. The rights to this franchise are all owned by Kinoko Nasu.
I do not own Fairy tail. Fairy tail is property of Hiro Mashima
I do not own Bleach. Bleach is property of Tite Kubo.

This is intended to be a prequel to the animated short Saber vs Erza. It will tell the story of how the event came to be as well as the characters behind the scenes and hopefully support the animation and build a larger fanbase for the concept by the time of its release.
Story by: gagex2z
Arc1: The catalyst.


“Ridiculous, it’s absurd.”
Shinji Matou threw another priceless glass at the stone wall shattering it and adding to the small mountain of shards and discarded items already lying on the floor.
“I cannot accept this! It should have been ME! I am the true successor not that-that.. bug.”

He stormed into the library kicking over a statue and not sparing it a glance as it toppled to the ground and broke in half. Shinji walked briskly through the rows of books and studied each title as closely as his rage clouded mind would permit.
“Ah, but of course, such shame is not enough. Oh no fate must conspire to drive me mad!”

He grit his teeth as he furiously tore a book from the shelf and carelessly tossed it at the mahogany table in the center of the room missing it completely. “Emiya.. Emiya you bastard.. how!” He stalked over to the book lying on the floor and stopped down to snatch it up. “ Twenty-seven.. He has TWENTY-SEVEN bloody circuits!” He slumped in the chair biting his thumb and looking down in contemplation and muttering to himself.


Shinji walked into school with his usual carefree swagger. His latest toy had lasted a bit longer than
the rest. She was a beautiful young heiress of some random corporation he couldn’t be bothered to remember the name of. She had given him access to quite a large amount of resources and contacts.
If only she wasn’t so clingy, He thought. It really cramps my style.
Regardless, she had provided him with access to the artifact he’d been searching for.
He’d first approached the old man about his plan but the withered old vampire had scoffed at him and remarked that his plans were pointless. Shinji knew better, of course. Through the resources of his toy he’d managed to get his hands on the Talisman of insight. It had been in a museum for the better half of 50 years, but he’d pushed her to get it for him, even promising to marry her in return for her devotion.

His new acquisition wasn’t anything that would grant him immense power, but it would give a tactical edge that he felt would propel the Matou clan to the front of the coming Grail War.
The Talisman of insight was very simple. It permitted its holder to see the Magic Circuitry and Foreign magical items such as charms, wards, runes or other enhancements on anyone he was within 5 feet of.

Zouken had called him a fool and remarked that he already knew of the threats to his plans. The Tohsaka heir, The Einzbern brat, and the false priest; any others, he’d said, were simply food for his worms.
Shinji understood where his uncle was coming from, but he still felt that being able to discern the magic potential of a master who would be unaware they had been detected was something of far greater value than he was being credit for. But it didn’t really matter.

Shinji shrugged with an arrogant sneer. He’d simply present the data to his Grandfather and in the face of such an advantage even he would have no choice but to acknowledge Shinji’s genius and select him to be the representative in this grail war.
Naturally, his fist target had been Tohsaka. It had been unsurprisingly difficult to get within 5 feet of her and stare long enough to discern her magic stats but in the end he’d found an opportunity during an assembly where they were required to stand next to each other.
As expected, she was magnificent. Her circuitry was amazingly complex and refined. She had incredible amounts of prana stored in jewels and her aura was the strongest of any mage he’d personally seen. In term of pure magical power, she exceeded his grandfather.

He’d lazily tested his new senses on the rest of his classmates unsurprisingly finding that they had little to no magical power at all. To his fury he’d discovered that Sakura’s magical power was only a few level below Tohaska’s and this was enough to nearly make him crush the talisman.
It was nothing compared to the feeling of outrage he’d had when he turned it on Emiya Shirou.

It wasn’t that his number of circuits was all that high. It wasn’t that he seemed to have any real understanding of magecraft. Instead all of his circuits were weakened and fragile. It was as if the fool had never even used them.

Even still, this was not what incited Shinji. What infuriated him was the simple fact that Emiya had
them. Emiya Shirou, a pansy, a wimp, a completely worthless example of a man had magic potential when HE, the heir of the Matou legacy did not. Strangely, Shinji discovered a foreign magical item embedded within Shirou’s body. This was unusual and also a cause for jealousy. He’d returned home ready to brood when what did he discover?
Having spent the night his girlfriend’s older sister’s apartment he’d apparently missed a momentous occasion. Standing beside his meek little sister was a tall exotic woman with light lavender hair wearing a pink and black outfit. He didn’t need to ask. It was obvious she was a servant.

Sakura had been chosen.

He snarled and stomped by her glaring at the red command seal on her wrist before stalking up the stairs and down the hall ignoring her meek greeting.
Then, he’d begun smashing things.

Flashback end

Shinji slammed his fist on the table. “There must be something I can do.. Emiya doesn’t deserve such power, I am the rightful heir. It should have been me!” Sakura, he could accept. It infuriated him but the little brat was under his thumb. But Emiya.. the fool defied him at every turn. He would not allow this to go unchecked.
As if answering his statement the content of the next page brought a dark smirk to his face.
“This will do nicely.”


A few days later Emiya Shirou was walking home from school when a voice called out to him. He turned around and discovered Shinji with a hand behind his head smiling. Shirou tiled his head and grinned. “Hey, Shinji what’s up?”
Shinji chuckled with a tone of embarrassment. “Eh well, I was wondering.. are you free this afternoon?”

Shirou blinked. This was unusual. Shinji rarely asked to hang out and the times he did was always for some ulterior motive like a double date so he could hook up with his own and oftentimes Shirou’s date as well.
Shrugging Shirou responded. “Sure, I’m off from work tonight and I finished up the repairs on the stove this morning so I should have some free time.”
Shinji nodded and clapped him on the back. “Oh, that’s great Emiya. We really have grown a bit apart recently; it’ll be good to catch up.”

Shirou nodded smiling. “So what do you want?”

Shinji’s smile dropped momentarily before returning. “Heh, what makes you think I want something from you? Is it so hard to believe I just want to catch up with an old friend?’
Shirou’s smile never dropped and his eye crinkled in upside down U’s. “Actually, it’s completely impossible. I’ve known you long enough to know that much.. so what do you want?”
Shinji sighed. “Ah, you got me.. ok I’ll come clean. Grandfather is making me clean the library and re organize his tome collection since my girlfriend and I er..”

“Defiled the place?” Shirou offered amused.

Shinji looked away momentarily before shrugging. “Well, in any case.. it’s big job and I don’t think I can handle it myself, so I was wondering if you could come help me out for a few hours.”
Shirou shrugged. “Sure, I don’t mind.”
Shinji laughed heartily. “Ah that’s great, I knew I could count on you.. I’m really lucky to have a friend like you Emiya I tell ya.” He clapped his friend on the back as the two set off for Shinji’s house.

Shirou strangely felt an ominous sensation. Something within him told him this was a bad idea. He should apologize to Shinji and turn around and run. He thought that was strange but he wasn’t about to turn away a friend.
Emiya Shirou ignored his strange impulse and scolded himself for thinking of skipping out in his friend’s time of need.
If Emiya Shirou had listened to that voice, he might have had the chance to walk 3 different paths.


“Wow, this place sure is dusty.” Shirou picked up an old book that had been placed near stack of others with similar natures. Strangely nearly all of the books had to do with magical surgery. Implanting crests, extracting cursed or damaged circuits; Shirou, didn’t bother to look at the titles though. He was too busy staring at the strange painted design on the floor.
“Hey, Shinji? What’s with the weird floor mural?”
Shinji muttered a response and As Shirou turned to look at him but his vision suddenly began shorting out. He coughed and collapsed to the floor struggling to grasp something to steady himself. His last sight before fading into unconsciousness was Shinji’s shoe flying at his head.


Sakura Matou was worried. It wasn’t like her sempai to not come straight home. She’d left Rider with her grandfather acting a temporary guard while she had headed over for her daily ritual. After letting herself into the house, she set to work on preparing dinner and cleaning the living room in preparation for Shirou’s return.
Sakura had to admit, though. It was getting late. It would soon be dark and there was still no word from him. Of course, she was still optimistic. Her sempai was fine, he was just running late. She set to work on wrapping up the food to maintain its heat and put the growing unease out of her mind. “Sempai will be fine, because sempai is sempai.” This strange logic seemed to appease her mind. Putting herself at ease momentarily she flipped on the news and settled down on a pillow thinking of how proud her sempai would be when he saw the meal she’d prepared by herself.

“Well now, Emiya.. do you have anything to say for yourself?” Shirou’s vision was still out or was it just so dark that nothing could be seen? He didn’t know. He wasn’t sure what tie it was or even really where he was.. he felt.. weak.
The voice continued. “It should be a consolation to know that I will make far better use of your magic circuits than you have.”

Shirou’s eyes widened. Despite his lack of vision the voice was clear. “S-shinji?! What’s going on what are you doing!”
Shinji laughed hysterically. “I’m taking what should have been mine to begin with. You’ve wasted your potential, but I will take that gift that you’ve squandered and carve my name in the annals of history!”
Shirou wanted to get up and back away in horror but he found he couldn’t move. “What did you do to me!?” he said in a panicked voice.

Shinji chuckled. “At the moment I’m draining what little prana you hold. After that your circuits will be extracted and placed into me. We’ll also get to see whatever that magical object inside you is. I must admit I am curious.. even the talisman couldn’t accurately define it..”

Shirou shivered. He was cold. He could feel his life force slipping away. ‘”That.. you can’t do this.. Shinji why?!”
Shinji walked into view and finally Shirou’s eye adjusted to the extremely dim lighting and Shinji’s silhouette could be seen.

“It’s simple.” Shinji sneered. “You’re an eyesore Emiya, and the gifts you have would be better suited as mine. So I’m going to take them.. you don’t mind right? I need them, you have them, so you’ll give them to me right? That’s how you are, helping people is its own reward.”
Shinji burst into victorious laughter and leaned in close as a dim candle flickered on and Shirou could see Shinji’s twisted smile. “I’ll make sure to give Sakura your regards.”

Shirou shook his head and spat in Shinji’s face. He couldn’t move anything from his neck down but, he refused to give in. “Are you kidding me.. this is ridiculous.. I can’t die here.. I haven’t saved anyone yet.”
“I won’t!” he roared. Shinji slapped him and stomped on his face causing a sickening crunch to echo through the room.

Shinji walked off laughing as Shirou screamed at him his voice nasally due to his now broken nose. “I won’t, you hear me Shinji? I ‘m not gonna die in this place.. If I’m gonna die it’ll be for a lot better reason than this! You sick bastard!”

Shinji ignored him and walked further away as the magic circle glowed hotter.
Shirou struggled and fought, but for every strain and every breath he took he felt himself growing weaker and his vision losing focus. With a final defiant arch of his back against the impossible magic restraints he faded into unconsciousness.

Shinji reached the door to the windowless library and opened it to reveal Zouken and a man in a dark robe.
As he greeted the men and showed them in he called one last time over his shoulder.

“Good bye Emiya.”


“What is it?” Shinji was annoyed. He’d extracted Emiy Shirou’s circuits only to find they were almost totally useless. They could barely hold 10 units of prana and what’s worse their physiology didn’t allow proper integration into his system. The transfer had been unsuccessful to say the least.
There was some silver lining, however. The strange blue and gold artifact had materialized from the corpse of Emiya Shirou the instant that his energy had completely been drained. Zouken and narrowed his eyes upon seeing it and sent Shinji to begin research on it while He disposed of Emiya’s remains.

Shinji was now looking through volumes of books to determine the origin of the strange device he now held in his hands. It definitely held magical properties but whatever effect it gave had to have been passive. He briefly considered if it was some sort of healing device as they’d noted that his body broke down almost instantly after its extraction.
In the best case scenario it could potentially be a noble phantasm or a catalyst for a summoning.

The very thought of having the opportunity to crush his feeble sister and that slut she’d summoned with his own was mouthwatering. The only thing better was fact that he’d be doing it with power that belonged to her precious sempai. The thought drove him to insane giggles.
Then, he found it.

Shinji’s eyes widened in disbelief. He briefly turned his eyes to the basement where Emiya Shirou’s remains no doubt had been consumed by the various familiars that dwelt there. “How did you manage to get your hands on something like that Emiya..” He chuckled darkly. “Well I suppose it doesn’t help you now does it.. ahahaha. How wonderful, I had hoped for a servant but a king? How fitting for a man of my standing.”
“Avalon.” He murmured marking his place and closing the book. He had work to do to prepare for his summoning.


Sakura was devastated. She didn’t know what had happened but it had been over 3 days and no one had heard from her senpai. Police were still searching and everyone he’d been seen with was being questioned. So far no leads had turned up. The only solace she got was that no body had been found yet. But even that was too gruesome to think about. She was terrified and she didn’t think she could go on without him. He was the only thing that gave her the strength to resist her fate.

Shinji was indifferent. He had answered the police investigators easily and with air of superiority. In the end he was passed over as easily as any of the other classmates.

Sakura couldn’t believe how cold hearted he was to show no sadness of Sempai’s disappearance at all, but she thought maybe it was because he believed that Emiya Shirou was still alive.
“That guy’s, always going off on crusades claiming he’ll save everyone.. I wouldn’t be too worried about it. I’m sure he’s fine. He’ll come crawling back all busted up but he’s a pretty dependable guy.” Shinji had said shrugging.

Later that night Shinji had gone out into the back courtyard and drawn a summoning circle. Zouken had stood by to watch the procession and Rider silently observed in astral form. Sakura was still at Emiya’s house where she’d been since the afternoon of his disappearance despite police and family telling her the scene was off limits.
Shinji skillfully recited the incantation and with the prana reserves he’d stolen from Shirou he called forth King Arthur.

Nothing happened.

A small dim light had flickered around the edges of the circle before snuffing out and sputtering into sparks.

Shinji was flabbergasted. “Wh-what does that mean?!” He frantically asked. Zouken snorted and turned to leave. “It means that even with such a catalyst your ineptitude is enough to fail the summoning. Your weakness and lack of talent is beyond even my expectation..”

Then, a single word, “Come.”

Shinji grabbed the sheathe and followed behind his grandfather. “Sakura is breaking down. She cannot function as a master as so I am left with no recourse but to defer the responsibility to you.” Shinji’s eyes widened. He was ecstatic. “Then-”
Zouken interrupted him. “There is a spell that will allow even you to summon the servant we seek. It requires the use of a magus with a certain bloodline. It will be up to you to find and target this Magi.”

He threw a book at him. “Sakura has already given temporary ownership of Rider to you through the use of this book. Use her to restrain and sacrifice the mage needed to complete your summoning then return and I will have the girl straightened out.”
Zouken did not wait for a response or reaction before going into his study and closing the door.

Shinji knew Zouken was not to be disturbed.

“Rider.” Her called out with a evil smirk. The lavender haired woman materialized standing next to him. “Yes, master.” She replied.

Shinji turned on his heel and beckoned her to follow. “Come, we have work to do.”


There are many shinigami in Fuyuuki City. That’s not to say that there are no hollows. But there is a larger effort to defend that town than many others. In a city with such potent magical energy as well as the various heroic spirits that would from time to time come into place there was a need to more closely monitor the state of affairs. If Emiya Shirou had left the dingy basement where his remains had been devoured in a matter of minutes he would have quickly been konso’d and sent to the Rukongai.

But He did not.

He did not move from the place he stood watching as the disgusting creatures slithered and crawled around what was once his form.
Buried deep underground in the basement and surrounded by the magical Boundary field of the Matou clan he watched.

And as he watched he began to hate.

He hated the worms.

He hated Shinji,

He hated his own powerlessness.

He could not think of moving on. He could only think on what had been selfishly ripped from him. His pride, his ideals, his future, and so he stayed rooted there and hated.

Had he died saving even one person he would have been able to hold his head high and proud. But he hadn’t even managed to save himself.

The chain dangling from his chest jingled with the movement of his furious trembling, and another link eroded.
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I read half of it, sadly I've got to do some School work right now.
From what I read it's pretty good, it seems to grasp onto the personalities of the original fate characters while adding more interest to them.
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