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Darkness Calls by SonofJay and J. Llenteng
Topic Started: Sep 15 2012, 05:25 AM (1,003 Views)
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Chapter - 1

October 20 2085
Storage Warehouse, Zelxerov City, Russia


Anton Smirov, Captain of the 2nd Squad of Darkness Calls draw draw his M4A1, attached with Heat Censor to detect any infected and civilian. He position himself in front of the warehouse backdoor readied himself to start the mission. With 8 more men behind him, they are task to rescue 15 civilians who are hiding on a maze-like ware house.

"Gunner cover our six, Hawk back me up" Anton said with a low but frosty voice.

"Breaching, breaching"

Anton kicked the door as hard as he can, then entered the warehouse.

"HQ, we're in, proceeding on the rescue mission."

"Roger that Anton, we leave the rest to you, good luck."

"Roger HQ, guys proceed with the plan."

"Roger that."

Gunner proceeds to his position, scanning for any sign of movement.

"Gaah. I really don't like tight spaces. Got no movement, area seems clear sir."

He never expected a place like this. A place weird enough to scare the hell out of a big man wielding an axe.
Gunner checks his corners then taps his radio.

"COM check. You sure they're here, sir? It's not that I'm doubting intel but, this place has no sign of life."

"We will see if its true"

Anton moved to the side, he opened his bag and pull out a map.

"We're currently here with the "1" sign, the intel said that the civilian groups are divided into 4 and in 4 different rooms."

"Why did they split up." Hawk asked, lowering his Assault AK.

"The civilians said on there last phone call that they're surrounded with Z's, too many to actually out run them." Anton replied.

"Ahh, so that is the reason the HQ send us here."

"We will first go to this room "4" since its the nearest, then we'll just continue till we reach room 3, after that, we will go down here in the bottom left and then go escape back here in the backdoor."

"Gunner lead the way" Anton commanded.


Gunner raised his aim and started walking. The place was quiet. Too quiet that you can ever hear your own heartbeat. He was about to say that the area is clear when suddenly, he heard a soft


Follow by another


"I got movement. Two on the top right corner, one by the opening"

"These guys looked like they were, uhh, bitten. Awaiting orders, sir." said Gunner.

"Any Z infected host should be killed, shoot at your own will." I replied.

Anton readied his M4A1 and aimed.

The 2 infected spotted them it start running towards Antov and the group, the infected are having a hard time to reach them with there rotten legs.


Bullets were sprayed on the two infected. They've taken almost 10 shots before they go down.

"I'll take out the other one"

The other infected spotted Gunner he run towards it, ramming it the wall followed by a headshot from his sidearm.

"Area clear!"

"Geez. These guys are running? It'll make this job a piece of cake if they are just walking. Proceeding to the next area."

Gunner nearly vomited when he saw they're faces. It didn't even looked like a face. But he set it all aside, focusing on the mission, as he always does.

After the first encounter, the group continue the rescue missions, they're almost on the first room when.


"Its a shout, its coming on that room sir!" Hawk shouted!

"Proceed on the room quick!"

The group run as fast as they could until they reach the room's door. It was dead silent when they arrived.

"Sir, its silent here, I have a feeling that something is wrong." Gunner said.

"Back me up, we're going it"

Anton readied himself, he feel nervous but he didn't let his team to see it. He swallowed then kick the door, it was dark, but Anton's flashlight is enough to see the horror inside, 10+ civilians dead, almost all are ripped apart.

"What the hell happened here?"

Anton heard a roar on the far end of the room, the others come in. It was horrible,Anna almost vomited when he saw the dead bodies.

"What happened here Captain?"


Anna then aimed his flashlight on where Anton is staring.

"Shit." Hawk said

A huge and bulky zombie was in front of them, at least 8 foot tall, his body was so distorted that you can't even identify his body parts.

"Fuck, Captain, should we shoot???" Asked Gunner.

The huge zombie turn his look to them and charged to them.

"Shoot!" Anton screamed.

The big thing, that looks more likely a weird disgusting monster, took every bullet that sprayed on it.

"Shit. Is this thing made of steel or what?!"

Gunner stared at the Captain while holding his Frag.

The Captain nodded.

"Everyone out!"

"But sir!" Hawk declining.

"That's an order! Go!"

"Hawk, c'mon!" Anna called him.

Only the two of them left. The Captain already had a plan in mind when he saw Gunner holding a frag.

"Gunner, I'll get his attention. Be ready. On my Go. Throw it"


Hawk, Anna and the others left the room.

"Gunner, I'll get his attention. Be ready. On my Go. Throw it"


I aimed my M4A1 and shoot 4 bullets, all hitting him on the chest but it looks like he didn't mind it.


The huge zombie charged to me, I shoot a couple of more shot all hits him on his head, the monster somewhat stumbled giving me a opportunity to closed in, I charged to him, pinning him down, I punch its distorted face a couple of times and grab my 9mm pistol and shoot his kneecaps I was able to shoot a whole mag before he able to shove me, I quickly nod to Gunner and ran towards the door.


Gunner throw the frag on the ugly monster that was trying to stand up. I and gunner was able to escape the room before the frag exploded.

"That should bring him down." Gunner said.

But if this thing stood up. I would gladly kill myself. And luckily, it didn't. The Captain had a sharp mind. I read a report about him. No wonder he was assigned to a mission like this. If there are other monsters like this, we should be prepared.

"Thanks for the assist Gunner"

"I should be thanking you, sir."

"Captain, are you alright?" Anna said.

"We're fine. Where are the others?"

"We heard a scream not far from here, Hawk volunteered to check it out"

"That's room 2, sir. I'd be praising God if someone's still alive in this forsaken place." Gunner said with a faint smile.

"Alright, everyone on me. Let's go check room 2."

"You took that thing down? Just the two of you?" Anna whispered to me.

"Yeah. I can't believe it either. I don't know if it's luck or something but if we ever encounter another one of these things, I swear to God I--"

Hawk speaks through the radio.

"Sir. I've found a civilian. And something that you should see."

"I'm here sir. Take a look at this." Hawk said.

"A PDA? Where did you find it?"

"I got it from Mr. Richards here. He said he found that on a body of a soldier. He thought it might help him to contact anyone that can save them."

"Them?" Gunner asked.

"Yeah, apparently, there are more of them in room 3. He had to get the PDA, he said."

"Give me that PDA, Hawk." Smirnov felt weird.

Why is there a PDA in here? Was there another team sent before them? What he knows is that they were the first to get there.

Hawk gave the PDA.

"There's a report there about the Z. It also mentioned something about conducting experiments at an Underground Lab."

"You think the guy that owns this works for them?" Gunner asked.

"Possible. But the only thing we have now is that PDA. We should rescue the civvies first before checking out that labor--"

Captain Anton interrupted Hawk.

"This is from the Russian Military."

"Russian Military? What the hell?" Gunner was shocked. As all of them were.

"Let's talk about this later, civilians are the priorities. Hawk, Anna, I want you to check room 5 and then meet us on the back door. Chrome, Rubber, I want you to take Mr. Richards out, Cold, go with them and radio the chopper for evac. Gunner, Berto, on me. We're going to room 3."

We immediately run towards the room 3, while running, I can't keep myself from thing about that PDA, why is it here? I suddenly feel very thirsty, I stopped to get my bottled water.

"Problem sir?" Berto asked.

"Just keep moving, I'll just drink and take a rest for a couple of second, I'll follow you guys quickly."

I took my bottled water in my bag, opened it and swallowed a couple, I closed the bottle and put it inside my back. When I was supposed to move to follow Gunner and Berto, I feel that someone was behind me. I gripped my 9mm in-case it was a Z, when I turned around.

"Who.. who are you?"

"Hello Captain Smirnov, how is it going?"

I can't see the face of the person, but I can see that he was wearing a white coat. Is he?

"Who are you, are you one of them?"

"Who Captain?"

"The Russia.."


I turned around hoping to see someone screaming, but I found no one, it must be coming on room 3.


When I turned around to face the speaker, he was also gone.

"Fuck, where did he go?"

There is no time to find him, I must go and find Gunner and Berto.

When I arrived, Gunner was standing near the door, and Berto was assisting some civilians.

"What happened?" I asked Gunner.

"8 Infected down, 3 civilian died, sorry Sir, we didn't reach them on time."

"No need to be sorry Gunner, you guys did your best."

"Anyone injured?" I asked.

"None sir, anyone is ready for evac." Berto replied.

"Good, lets go guys we're heading out."

"Anna do you read me? What is your situation." I asked on the radio.

"We're alright sir, we heard someone screaming, are you guys okay?"

"We're fine, we got 3 casualties and 8 infected down, we're heading on the evac, lets meet there."

"Roger that."
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